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Damp Proofing

Damp can manifest itself in many ways. From black mould to salt problems through to staining. Seamless Coatings has a range of damp solution products for the builder to use to cure all of these problems, with kits that are simple to use and very safe the solution is now an easy one.

Dampness in buildings, if left untreated, can lead to structural deterioration, it will result in decay in timber, spoil decorations and can have problematic health effects through the development of moulds and mites.
Rising damp results from the capillary action of moisture from the ground. In the absence of an adequate DPC, a zone rising to around 50cm (or more) above the skirting level along the whole length of the wall will result. Where the DPC is damaged or bridged, patches of dampness may occur.

If a wall is wet it will be losing moisture to the air through evaporation all the time. However, constant moisture rising through the masonry will cause damp patches, salt marks along with associated mould and fungal growth. This is typically caused by the absence, failure or bridging of the damp proofing courses.

Technical information on our range of damp proofing products

Please use the menu to the left to select the damp proofing product which is appropriate for your requirement. This will take you to a breakdown of the product. As well as a specification and a link to a pdf ,where available, which you can save or print out.