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Stormshield Thermal Masonry Cream One coat exterior waterproofing protection 5litres

SCL STORMSHIELD THERMAL MASONRY PROTECTION CREAM has a unique thixotropic consistency and provides excellent water- repellent properties on a range of building materials. As opposed to conventional liquid products,

SCL STORMSHIELD THERMAL can be applied in just one working operation to achieve the desired loadings for maximum effectiveness. Dependent on the porosity of the surface to be treated, the effective siloxane ingredient penetrates the substrate within a short time where it reacts to become a polymer silicone resin. The initial white layer disappears completely and, since the effective ingredient is the same as in conventional liquid water repellents, substrates treated with DRYSEAL remain permeable to water vapour which allows the structure to ‘breathe’.

SCL STORMSHIELD THERMAL MASONRY PROTECTION CREAM has been specifically formulated to penetrate as deeply as possible into porous masonry substrates thus providing optimal protection against the absorption of water and pollutants as well as frost and salt damage. This effect should not be confused with the "beading" effect often associated with water repellents. The beading effect demonstrates the surface action of a water repellent but may not be significant when assessing a product’s overall performance (resistance to rain water penetration under wind pressure).

SCL STORMSHIELD THERMAL MASONRY PROTECTION CREAM is perfect for treating cementitious materials including concrete blockwork as well as natural stone, clay and sand/lime bricks etc. The substrate must be in sound condition. Structural defects such as cracks, open joints, etc. plus rising damp and hygroscopic moisture must be remedied first. It must be ensured that water and damaging salts dissolved in the water cannot penetrate behind the treated surface since this can lead to frost damage (spalling). Before a water repellent impregnation is carried out, crusts of dirt and pollutants as well as efflorescence, moss and algae should be removed by a suitable cleaning procedure. Cleaning opens the pores and capillaries, allowing them to absorb the impregnation agent. Dependent on the substrate, type and degree of soiling, we recommend the use of SCL Fungicidal Wash. When cleaning, make sure that the masonry is damaged as little as possible. Chase out defective mortar joints and cracks and repair with a suitable re-pointing mortar. Close expansion and connection joints with elastic joint-sealing compounds.

SCL STORMSHIELD THERMAL MASONRY PROTECTION CREAM is not suitable for very dense, non-absorbent substrates such as fine crystalline marble. Absorption of SCL STORMSHIELD THERMAL is a prerequisite for optimal performance. This depends on the natural porosity and moisture content of the building material. For this reason, the substrate should be as dry as possible. If damaging salts are present, a quantitative salt analysis is essential. High salt concentrations such as chlorides, nitrates and sulphates may lead to damage that cannot be prevented by a water repellent treatment alone. NOTE: Adjoining surfaces: Due to the thixotropic nature of this product, where it is applied by brush or roller, accidental contamination of non- target surfaces can usually be avoided by taking reasonable care. However, where sprayed items such as windows and surfaces which are (or will be) varnished or painted, as well as plants, should be covered with polythene sheets.

SCL STORMSHIELD THERMAL MASONRY PROTECTION CREAM is applied undiluted in the desired layer thickness using airless spray equipment, a brush or lambskin roller. Dependent on the absorbency of the substrate, application rates of up to 0.3 l/mÇ can be applied in one working operation, even on vertical surfaces without a loss of material. A second application can be carried out at any time but is usually not necessary. Resistance to rain is normally achieved within one hour of application. Full cure up to two weeks depending on climactic conditions. Tools and equipment must be clean and dry prior to use but can be kept wrapped in plastic during short breaks in use. Clean thoroughly after use and before longer storage with water and/or white spirit. Application Rate: Dependent on surface porosity, approx. 0.2–0.3 l/mÇ.

The required amount of SCL STORMSHIELD THERMAL MASONRY PROTECTION CREAM for calculation and tender should be determined on a sufficiently large trial area (1–2 mÇ). The effectiveness of the impregnation agent can also be tested on this area.
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