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12,000 square metres of aircraft hangar roofs situated in Wiltshire refurbished using SCL Polycoat 10 Rubber Based Waterproofing.

Two 6,000 square metre storage hangars in Wiltshire brought back to life with SCL Polycoat 10 Rubber Based Waterproofing system.

It is a fact that as buildings and storage facilities get old one of the first signs of ageing is the condition of the roof and its inability to keep out water. This is particularly true of structures like old aircraft hangars.

In the heart of Wiltshire there are two 6,000 square metre hangars that have seen better days. These once valuable assets have not weathered well.  The bituminous felt surface of the roof has broken down causing damp and rain to render the buildings useless for storage.

 A six-month trial was carried out to ascertain the most cost effective way to achieve maximum results. At this stage Seamless Coatings were asked for their opinion on the best way forward. Working in consultation with the owners Seamless Coatings conducted a site survey which involved testing the existing substrate to ensure that the proposed solution was compatible.  Following a successful trial the SCL Polycoat 10 system was recommended as the best solution to the problem. This system guarantees a tough, flexible, elastic finish with exceptional durability and a 10 year life expectancy. This solution has been proven on a wide variety of roofs including flat and pitched roofs, weathered asphalt, bituminous surfaces and even brickwork, felt and metal. It has been confirmed as an ideal solution for refurbishing and waterproofing worn and damaged substrates on most roofing areas thus making it ideal for this large and unique project.

Under Seamless Coating’s supervision the hangar roof was cleaned, primed and prepared. SCL Durafoil self-adhesive membrane was laid over the areas that were in need of repair then the entire surface was primed in preparation for the topcoat of Polycoat 10 Rubber Based Waterproofing. The operation was fast, safe and efficient, with no hot work required and a drying time of only eight hours. The SCL Polycoat 10 system was completely water repellent immediately after application. All work on the project was carried out by Profile One Construction.
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