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Application of material for main area laminate

Once the application of material to detailed areas is complete you can move on to the application of the main area laminate and you will need to follow these instructions to gain the correct ratio of resin to glass:
  • Unroll 1m of previously cut mat along the lowest part of the roof and align it, so it does not run off line, then carefully roll the mat back
  • A ratio of 3:1 91.5 kg resin: 0.45kg CSM one third resin should be applied to the boards and two thirds resin to the mat
  • Using a 7 inch polyester roller, coat 1 square metre of board with catalysed base resin
  • Unroll the mat onto the resin coated board in strips of 7inch (width of roller), then wet out the mat ensuring an even coverage and continue for 1m2 (6 runs)
  • Roller over the whole area again, to ensure even coverage, before wetting out the next 1m2 in the same way
  • Let the resin soak into the mat for 2 to 3 minutes
  • Using a paddle roller, roll along the two edges, then over the whole of the wet out mat. (In cold weather the resin will be thicker and take longer to wet out
  • When a laminate is correctly wetted out it will look transparent. Check the laminate for “pin holes” and areas short of resin. Pay attention to the “feathering in” as this will improve the look of the roof.
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