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Epoxy Resin Flooring

One of our most popular systems for flooring is anti-slip epoxy resin flooring due to concerns of health and safety. Anti-slip epoxy resin floor coatings have a multitude of applications from pedestrian walkways, stair nosing to wet forklift truck areas. 
tile coat brochure,  wall coatings brochuretile coat brochure,  wall coatings brochure Epoxy resin flooring comes in any colour desired by the client and an anti-slip can be incorporated, not only is epoxy resin flooring aesthetically pleasing but highly durable with a HSE slant. If the floor is tested with a pendulum meter the reading will be above 36.
  • Once the surface preparation has been done the epoxy resin floor coating can be applied.
  • After the floor preparation has been completed (diamond grinding/ vacuum shot blasting) Material is applied by roller or squeegee in a two coat system.
  • After the first floor coating  has been applied a sand or quartz aggregate is scattered onto the uncured surface and allowed to dry then the final coat encapsulates the aggregate to provide the desired amount of anti-slip from a very light profile to more protruding one. There are different types of anti-slip aggregate for different applications. It is important to encapsulate the anti-slip aggregate with a top layer of resin to enable the epoxy resin flooring surface to be cleaned.
We specialise in working unsocial hours such as at night and over the weekend. We understand production areas need to be out of action for as short a time as possible.