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How do Anti-Graffiti Wall Coatings Work?

Graffiti has long been a problem in many of our towns and cities, and although in some places it can be a welcome piece of art, livening up a dull wall, in many, it's anti-social and can make people feel less at home in their own neighbourhood.

Section 1 of the criminal act 1971 states that graffiti is regarded as criminal damage and those found doing it can be prosecuted, in the same way that someone causing any other damage to property would be. However, despite substantial fines and custodial sentences, it's estimated that the cost of clean up in London alone is in excess of £100 million. Surely there's a better way?

Although there are a lot of graffiti removal systems on the market, the best way to protect any wall is through prevention and SCL's Anti-Graffiti system is perfect for the job.

It's essentially a two-step process. The first is to make sure the wall is clean and prepared and possibly primed with SCL ST Primer before the anti-tag coating system is applied. Then, when graffiti occurs, SCL’s range of cleaning products makes removing it a breeze.

It's suitable for most external building substrates, including previously painted metals, brick, masonry, concrete, render, timber (although not soft wood) and UPVC (no primer is required for this application).

How does it protect the wall?

When someone paints on top of the application, it will not bond with the wall as the SCL wall coating will act as a barrier, so as soon as the graffiti is found, simply use the SCL range of Scrubs, Graffiti Remover Wipes or SCL Wipe Off to remove it. It's important at this point to not use any other removal liquids or sprays and do not be tempted to scrub using household abrasive pads and detergents, as this could damage the coating.

Of course, vandals are nothing if not persistent, and so SCL have designed the wall coating to be particularly tough, and it can stand up to repeated attacks.
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