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My Roof Isn't Flat, Is There a Roof Coating to Protect It?

Here in the UK we're used to the rain. It seems like it's a national pastime to moan about the fact it's never going to stop raining and so more than probably any other country we've come up with ways to protect ourselves and our property from it. However, we've seen how tiles work on pitched roofs, and we've seen how a flat roof works, but what if more flexibility is needed?

That's where SCL Polycoat 10 Rubber Based Waterproofing comes in.

For flat, pitched weathered asphalt or bituminous surfaces, it's the roof coating that goes on smoothly and provides water repellence as soon as it's applied.

The real benefits of this roof coating solution comes the minute you use it. It can be applied using a brush or roller, and no heating is required - it goes on cold.

When fully dry (it takes about 8 hours depending on temperature and conditions), it then remains permanently elastomeric which means it will not become brittle, whatever the elements throw at it and is resistant to substrate movement.

What Can It Be Used On?

Perhaps the real benefit of SCL Polycoat 10 is the range of materials it can be applied to. As well as those above, it can also be easily applied to concrete, brickwork, felt and metal. If you have an old, worn roof or have areas of damage, it can be an ideal and easy way of waterproofing them.

Does the Roof Need to Be Prepared?

It's unlikely the roof will need a primer before the coating is applied, but you can easily check with us if you're unsure and we'll be happy to assist. However, you should make sure it is clear of moss, lichen and any debris.

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