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April 2016

The Five Most Common Reasons Roofs Leak

A leaking roof might not always be noticed immediately, as, depending on the specific problem and its severity, it can start as a gradual build-up of damp. If left to worsen, however, the leak can become costly not only in terms of repairs, but also in potential damage to possessions or to other parts of your home's structure. There are a number of issues that can result in roof leaks, but ...  Read more
March 2016

What is Penetrating Damp and How Can I Solve It?

There's a good chance you've heard of rising damp, and you'll know the symptoms well. A musty smell, stains on the wall and moss growing where it shouldn't. But what is penetrating damp? In fact, it's an extremely common occurrence, especially in older buildings with weather-worn masonry, and it occurs when rainwater can penetrate a wall. You can tell it's happening when ...  Read more
February 2016

Should I Use a Wall Coating or Will Paint Do the Job?

The outside of our houses are under constant attack from the weather, and it appears that's only going to get worse. With storms and flooding becoming ever more frequent, it's no surprise that homeowners are looking to give their masonry extra protection with some kind of wall coating. Very often, the owner will decide to use some kind of masonry paint, as these do offer a quick fix, ...  Read more
February 2016

Damp Proofing with Ultracure

,  Wall Coatings

Ultracure™ is a unique silicone emulsion cream for injection into brickwork etc. for the control of rising dampness. Ultracure™ can be used in all types of masonry without the use of high pressure equipment.

Find out more here : Ultracure Damp Proofing

January 2016

Protecting Your Walls When the Rain Keeps Falling

If there's one thing we can rely on in the UK, it's rain, and the past few months have seen more of it than we would like, leading to flooding and devastation amongst many communities. Of course, we can keep moaning that the government needs to do more, and arguably, they do, however there are things that the homeowner can do themselves. There isn't going to be a quick-fix solution ...  Read more
January 2016

Why Would I Need a Coating for a Concrete Floor

Concrete has been around for a long time. It's probably been used for thousands of years in some crude forms, but today's concrete is a fine mix of stone, aggregates and chemicals that aid and control how it sets and where it can be ideally used. It's obviously a huge part of the building industry, and when we think of 60s architecture, we immediately imagine  huge concrete ...  Read more
December 2015

My Roof Isn't Flat, Is There a Roof Coating to Protect It?

Here in the UK we're used to the rain. It seems like it's a national pastime to moan about the fact it's never going to stop raining and so more than probably any other country we've come up with ways to protect ourselves and our property from it. However, we've seen how tiles work on pitched roofs, and we've seen how a flat roof works, but what if more flexibility is ...  Read more
December 2015

How do Anti-Graffiti Wall Coatings Work?

Graffiti has long been a problem in many of our towns and cities, and although in some places it can be a welcome piece of art, livening up a dull wall, in many, it's anti-social and can make people feel less at home in their own neighbourhood. Section 1 of the criminal act 1971 states that graffiti is regarded as criminal damage and those found doing it can be prosecuted, in the same way ...  Read more
November 2015

A Guide to the Perfect Roof Coating

,  Wall Coatings
November 2015

Use a liquid Coating for Block Paving and give your customers a low-maintenance finish

Block paving can add character to patios, driveways -- even streets. It also can be easier and less labour intensive to install than concrete or asphalt, and this is why so many people prefer it. However, some people might be put off if they think they have to constantly maintain it with sand and clean away weeds and other detritus. This is where a liquid coating can help. Improves durability ...  Read more
November 2015

Liquid Roof Coatings Bring Many Benefits Are You Taking Advantage of Them?

From the beginning, the liquid coating marketplace consisted of bituminous solutions and emulsions.  The liquid roofing industry has grown into a £multi-million market with products at the very forefront of waterproofing technology. Whether for refurbishment or new build projects, there are systems and products available that can be used in all areas of roofing, pedestrian areas, car ...  Read more
October 2015

What are the benefits of Wall Coatings?

There are many situations where it may be advantageous to consider applying a polyurethane coating to walls, but we find them mostly being utilised in areas where strict hygiene standards are essential. For example, laboratories, clean rooms, places where food is prepared or even pharmaceutical and healthcare areas are ideally suited. The reason people choose a wall coating like this is because ...  Read more
September 2015

12,000 square metres of aircraft hangar roofs situated in Wiltshire refurbished using SCL Polycoat 10 Rubber Based Waterproofing.

Two 6,000 square metre storage hangars in Wiltshire brought back to life with SCL Polycoat 10 Rubber Based Waterproofing system. It is a fact that as buildings and storage facilities get old one of the first signs of ageing is the condition of the roof and its inability to keep out water. This is particularly true of structures like old aircraft hangars. In the heart of Wiltshire there are...  Read more
November 2013

Seamless Coatings Ltd join Constructionline

October 2013

Seamless Coatings specified for major renovation project in Surrey

SCL90 Durathane and SCL95 Cladding Finish is again specified  for a major refurbishment to industrial units in Chessington, Surrey.
August 2013

Seamless Coatings Ltd launches Facebook page

Seamless Coatings Ltd launches Facebook page
July 2013

SCL90 Durathane system specified for major renovation project in Yorkshire

Seamless Coatings' Durathane system is specified by Doncaster Council to be used as part of the major renovation project involving of 4 blocks of flats in Doncaster city centre.
July 2012

Seamless Coatings specified for major refurbishment project in Coventry

Once again our SCL90 Durathane and SCL95 Cladding Finish systems are chosen for the renovation of a large industrial unit in Coventry.
March 2012

Seamless Coatings specified for major refurbishment to new PTS Offices in Crick

SCL90 Durathane and SCL95 Cladding Finish are specified for another major refurbishment to the new Plumbing Trade Supplies' Head Office in Crick, Northamptonshire.
July 2011

Seamless Coatings specified for retail park refurbishment

Seamless Coatings Ltd are awarded the contract to supply SCL90 Durathane and SCL95 Cladding Finish for another major refurbishment project at Central Retail Park in Milton Keynes.
February 2011

Seamless Coatings specified for Major MOD Contract

The Ministry of Defence specify SCL90 Durathane and SCL95 Cladding Finish for major refurbishment work at a Scottish Naval Base.
September 2010

BBA Certification

SCL90 Durathane awarded BBA Certification.
July 2010

Seamless Coatings moves to bigger premises

A Cradley Heath firm which supplies North Sea oil rigs with waterproof coating products is expanding in a bid to attract passing traders and D.I.Y enthusiasts through its doors. Seamless Coatings, based on the Oak Street Industrial Estate for the last six years, is relocating to larger premises, on the same estate, but fronting Reddal Hill Road. Historically the company, which counts local ...  Read more
February 2009

Local Council

Following recent trials, Local Council specifies Fibretex High Build and Fibretex Smooth for the refurbishment of 3000 garage roofs.
January 2009

SCL90 Durathane System achieves Fire Rating of EXT.F.AA

SCL90 Durathane System achieves Fire Rating of EXT.F.AA
September 2008

SCL90 Laid On Oil Rig

Seamless Coatings have supplied SCL90, Durathane Roof Coating System, to provide a weatherproof coating for modules on an oil platform on the UK Continental Shelf. Application of two coats of SCL90 will give a coating with a 10 year life expectancy, even in an aggressive environment like the North Sea.