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Polyurethane Food Factory Flooring

Food factories have a requirement for a floor finish that is both hygienic and anti-slip. To be hygienic food factory flooring has to resist aggressive cleaning chemicals as well as boiling water, hot fat and oil spillages. It must also resist steam cleaning. To be anti-slip it must contain an undulating profile that will grip footwear even when wet or greasy.  These are laid from 6mm to 9mm thick depending on the application in hand. These floors need to be extremely tough and durable. They come in a variety of colours.

Polyurethane Flooring Coatings and Self Smoothers

Polyurethane flooring coatings are resin rich coatings that are used in areas such as food factory flooring, kitchen flooring and areas outdoors where there is a need for high UV stability. These are laid as coatings of 200 microns per coat up to self-smoothing resin floors from 1mm to 5mm thick. 
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Polyurethane Screeds

The screeds are laid from 6mm to 9mm thick depending on the application in hand. Polyurethane flooring screeds are predominantly used in food factories where the floors need to be anti-slip, resistant to steam cleaning, tough and durable. Polyurethane flooring screeds come in a variety of colours.

We install a bespoke range of food factory flooring grade finishes. Our dynamic anti-slip stair treads system is extremely practical with outstanding Health and Safety attributes.