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Protecting Your Walls When the Rain Keeps Falling

Protecting Your Walls When the Rain Keeps FallingIf there's one thing we can rely on in the UK, it's rain, and the past few months have seen more of it than we would like, leading to flooding and devastation amongst many communities.

Of course, we can keep moaning that the government needs to do more, and arguably, they do, however there are things that the homeowner can do themselves.

There isn't going to be a quick-fix solution to the flooding issue, and it's likely that our roads will become rivers more often over the coming months and years, but we can still help. It's not just large-scale flood defence we should be looking at, either. Flood defence isn't just about barriers to stop the water flowing down the street, it's also about making it easier to clean up later.

Of course, the greatest damage is to our homes, and although sandbags propped against doors is becoming a common sight in many towns, there are other things that can be done. If you've ever been flooded or have been in a building that has suffered, then you'll notice the damp, must smell associated with it.

This is because bricks are porous. Standing water in a flood will be absorbed into the brick and it can take a long time to dry out. Indeed, during the winter, it probably won't dry out. And this standing water is often full of sewerage and other waste, so the smell can be quite overpowering.

So how to stop it?

Luckily, there are options. Stormdry is a masonry cream that can give your bricks water repellency. This not only helps them during the ravages of the British winter, but if you're in a flood prone area, it can protect your brickwork and make recovering from a flood a much quicker and easier experience.

How Does it Work?

The first thing to notes is that your bricks will need to be dry. This is prevention, not cure, and if you're already wading through feet of water, it's too late!

Also, it won't keep your house completely water-free if you have air-bricks, gaps and unprotected doors. This is NOT a full anti-flooding solution, but more of a preventative maintenance option. It will keep the smelly water from seeping into the bricks and make the clean up much easier.

So, if you're reading this in the winter and your bricks are damp, bookmark this and get ready for spring (it's not far away, honest!) and when your house is dry, you can prepare for the next downpour.

Is it easy to apply?

Yes, the cream is simply applied using a brush or roller and it leaves a visibile residue when being applied so you can see if anywhere has been missed.

However, after about 48 hours, the brickwork will be looking normal again.

After about two months, you'll notice that when it rains, there will be a visible 'beading' of water when it strikes it. This shows that the masonry is now waterproof.

But it doesn't end there. Although the main use of Stormdry is as a water repellent, it brings other benefits, too. A University of Portsmouth study found that in single brick masonry application, it can bring energy savings of 29%.

Stormdry, then, really is an all-weather solution that any homeowner can benefit from.