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SCL 95 (Cladding Finish) For Metal Sheets and Vertical Cladding

SCL 95 Cladding Finish has been specifically designed to provide cost-effective practical solutions to the refurbishment, decoration, protection and maintenance of weathered vertical sheet cladding, roof edge trims and cappings, "Mansard" type roof edge cladding systems etc.

The product is a single pack solvent based acrylic resin based coating which provides attractive decorative qualities, flexibility, toughness and high durability for up to 10 years to next full maintenance.

SCL 95 Cladding Finish can be applied to factory coated (eg Polyester, PVF2 "Plastisol" type) metal sheeting, fibre cement surface, GRP trims etc using proprietary pre-treatments, primers etc where applicable.


There are many reasons why it is beneficial to use SCL 95 Cladding Finish. The main ones are:
  • Cold Applied
  • No Naked Flame
  • Single Pack
  • High in Solids
  • Dries to a Tough Low Sheen Finish
  • Customised Colours Available

Technical Data

Spread rate: 7m² per litre per coat
Pack size: 5 litre units

Drying Time

Touch dry: 3 hours
Hard dry: 12 hours
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SCL 95 (Cladding Finish)