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Should I Use a Wall Coating or Will Paint Do the Job?

Should I Use a Wall Coating or Will Paint Do the Job?The outside of our houses are under constant attack from the weather, and it appears that's only going to get worse. With storms and flooding becoming ever more frequent, it's no surprise that homeowners are looking to give their masonry extra protection with some kind of wall coating.

Very often, the owner will decide to use some kind of masonry paint, as these do offer a quick fix, especially if walls are looking especially damaged, aged or just dirty, but do these offer any protection?

In the short term, most masonry paints are for decoration only. They don't offer any kind of weather protection other than the fact they are another chemical barrier between water and your brick. This may be a surprise to many as a splash of white paint can look good.

But for many reasons they may be the wrong choice. For example, you are potentially changing the entire colour of your house, do you want to do that?

Would it be better to have a wall covering that enhanced the brickwork or render, provided weather protection and yet didn't mean you had to go for a complete change of look?

This is where specialised wall coatings come in.

They have been specially designed to waterproof all kinds of porous materials including brick, concrete, asbestos and even pebbledash finished. What's more, because they're designed specifically for that job, they can do it far better than any cosmetic covering like paint.

And they're not difficult to apply, either. They don't need specialised equipment; they go on using a brush a roller or a spray and just one coat will do the job.
Other benefits

  • Most of our wall coatings are also totally safe to apply. They don't contain harmful solvents, as often found in masonry paints, and so are kinder to the environment.
  • They give a clear, transparent finish. This is important if you are protecting a period home or don't want to go for a 'whitewash' look.
  • They're breathable. Water vapour can flow between the layers of the coating.
  • They help protect against frost damage. This is important, especially with old and already worn brickwork or render. When water seeps into brickwork or render and then there's a frost, the expansion can cause damage which can be expensive to repair.
All in all, wall coatings can be an economical, easy to apply and environmentally safe way to protect a home without having to change the entire look of it.