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Use a liquid Coating for Block Paving and give your customers a low-maintenance finish

Block paving can add character to patios, driveways -- even streets. It also can be easier and less labour intensive to install than concrete or asphalt, and this is why so many people prefer it.

However, some people might be put off if they think they have to constantly maintain it with sand and clean away weeds and other detritus.

This is where a liquid coating can help.

Improves durability

Block paving is already more durable than concrete and asphalt in many instances, but you make it even tougher by adding a liquid coating. Not only does the new surface add a layer of protection to the blocks themselves against weather and other damage, but it also seals the cracks between the blocks, preventing water from getting in there that can then freeze and cause the blocks to crack and crumble. This means that blocks crack and break less frequently, reducing the number of times you have to dig one out or break it up to replace it with a new one.

Gives it a better look

While you usually use block paving to give some character to an area that you can't get from concrete, you don't want too much character in the form of your blocks getting so worn as to look dull and dingy. By putting a liquid coating on them and protecting them from the harsh elements, you will wind up with block pavers that look better for longer.

Repels stains

People are naturally drawn to the look of block paving, and there’s no denying it can give a great finish to a drive. However, when a car with a slight leak turns up and dumps oil on it, that look is suddenly gone.

Because brick is porous, it will absorb the stain making it almost impossible to clean, and replacement is the only answer, and then there’s the problem than the new bricks don’t match the old.

A liquid coating such as Bloc Seal can solve this problem by repelling any stains, chemicals and oils, meaning they just don’t get into the bricks in the first place.

In summary

Although many people like to use a coating for their block paving to add a decorative finish, the real benefits – keeping their new drive low maintenance and looking good for longer are far more important.