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What are the benefits of Wall Coatings?

There are many situations where it may be advantageous to consider applying a polyurethane coating to walls, but we find them mostly being utilised in areas where strict hygiene standards are essential. For example, laboratories, clean rooms, places where food is prepared or even pharmaceutical and healthcare areas are ideally suited.

The reason people choose a wall coating like this is because they are areas that will need to be regularly cleaned, often using chemicals that could stain or damage standard wall finishes. 

Most wall coatings can be applied easily using a roller or brush, and they'll cover concrete, wood or plaster, meaning they can be applied to most situations. Although we find many people can apply these coatings themselves, we do suggest that you seek the help of a professional if you've never used them before.
In the case of Duracoat PU Hygiene Wall Coating, which is available from us, you will be left with a decorative finish, and there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, precautions should still be taken when applying it. For example, you should always wear gloves, goggles and protective clothing.

Why apply a wall coating?

Hygiene is extremely important in many walks of life, and any company that deals with sensitive products has strict cleanliness rules or deals in the healthcare industry must take the maintenance and cleaning of all surfaces seriously. Although floors are often cleaned regularly, walls can attract just as much dirt and bacteria, and it can also be carried and transmitted much easier.

For example, in a doctor's waiting room, you'll see people leaning against walls. If they are carrying any kind of infection, they can be spreading that on the wall. Likewise, a perfectly healthy person who then touches the wall could pick up those bugs and spread it even further.

This is why such areas have strict cleaning regimes, but not every surface is suitable or can withstand regular scrubbing. Because cleaning chemicals have to be so harsh, they can damage walls, reducing their ability to withstand germs. A good polyurethane wall coating eliminates these problems. It can be applied to most surfaces and when dry, will provide good impact and abrasion resistance. This is important because maintaining a smooth surface means it's easier to clean. Any bumps, scratches or dents in the wall can result in germs finding nooks and crannies where cleaning products can't reach.

In the case of food preparation, it’s important that all surfaces are seamless, again to resist the possibility of harbouring bugs and to aid cleaning.
Obviously applications vary, so if you have any questions, please contact Seamless Coatings on 01384 413815