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Why Would I Need a Coating for a Concrete Floor

Why Would I Need a Coating for a Concrete FloorConcrete has been around for a long time. It's probably been used for thousands of years in some crude forms, but today's concrete is a fine mix of stone, aggregates and chemicals that aid and control how it sets and where it can be ideally used. It's obviously a huge part of the building industry, and when we think of 60s architecture, we immediately imagine  huge concrete buildings, walls and floors.

However, we can probably also picture concrete floors in hospitals that are pitted, have holes and generally look to be in a poor state of repair. The problem is, while concrete is indeed a very resilient and therefore often used material, it does come in for an awful lot of abuse and being quite hard, it can also be brittle.

Depending on where these floors are, this can be a huge problem.

For example, in a hospital, it's essential that both walls and floors can be cleaned thoroughly, and some pretty harsh chemicals are used to do this. Over time, these chemicals have been known to degrade cement which has led to holes and cracking giving places where dirt and bacteria can thrive.

Over the last few decades, the floor coating industry has been working on ways of solving these problems, and Seamless Coatings have been at the forefront of this, providing solutions to these problems. Where heavy traffic could cause damage to concrete, or good hygiene is absolutely critical, we have a solution for you.

For example, in factories, warehouses and workshops, it's essential to have a non-slip surface that is resistant to knocks and falls from heavy equipment. And in food processing plants, an easily cleanable and chemically resistant finish is essential to maintain hygiene standards.

For many applications, our EPCR High Build floor system is ideal. It's long life and solvent free. Providing excellent chemical, oil and grease resistance, it extends the lifetime of your floor, allows for easy maintenance and cleaning and as you'd expect, it's an entirely seamless finish, so there's nowhere for bacteria to hide.

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